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Braking stability

Braking stability of heavy vehicle combinations

A conglomerate of Australian bodies and associations has published this guide in May 2017 to provide brake and stability performance ratings for truck and trailer combinations, with varying brake technologies. It aims to assist the Australian road transport sector to achieve best practice in the braking and stability performance of heavy combination vehicles.

Although South Africa is closely linked to regulations originating from Europe are similar compatibility challenges experienced as they are compared in this guide.

Australia has a range of heavy vehicle brake system types that mirror the mix of vehicle origins: European, North American, Japanese and Australian. This mix, together with the variations in load level and truck/ trailer configurations that occur, makes it challenging to achieve optimal levels of braking compatibility and performance.

Significant braking performance improvement can be achieved by making the right choice about which trailer and truck braking technologies are combined. 
The improvement in safety and the reduction in brake wear can be very significant for any operator. 
Mixing of brake technology systems can be satisfactorily achieved if the equipment choices and the settings are appropriate.
But only combinations fitted with electronic braking systems come close to all of the ideal attributes for performance and safety.

This Guide gives performance ratings for light braking, heavy braking and roll stability.


The Guide has been developed by:
• Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association (ALRTA)
• Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA)
• Australian Trucking Association (ATA)
• Commercial Vehicle Industry Association of Australia (CVIAA)
• Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA)
• Truck Industry Council (TIC)
in co-operation with key brake equipment suppliers and in consultation with the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and the office of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.