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Rear chassis extension

Extend chassis to rear without wheelbase change

Vehicle Characteristics
No trailer couplings
Method of Inspection
  • No tests required

Vehicle Characteristics
Existing trailer couplings extended
Method of Inspection
  • Static brake tests

Vehicle Characteristics
Trailer brake system added (air operated and hydraulic brakes)
Method of Inspection
  • Static brake test
  • AUC graph 2
  • Dynamic test gradient holding laden
  • Declaration of non-objection from OEM technical or homologation representative (NOT dealer)
Extending the chassis to the rear without wheelbase change
The extension of the chassis only requires static inspection and response time testing if existing brake pipes and components are moved from their original location.
The fitment of trailer couplings to a chassis which previously had no trailer connections requires a full static inspection and testing, in addition to limited dynamic tests.
The OEM’s declaration of non-ojection must be available in writing in the latter case, stating any possible restrictions or limitations

No dynamic testing required if:
  • No trailer couplings are fitted or existing trailer couplings are moved to a new position

Limited dynamic testing Gradient holding tests only) will be required if:
  • The vehicle previously had no trailer couplings fitted and its GCM changed.

Please keep in mind that the regulator may at any time apply their own interpretation before issuing a NaTIS certificate.