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Increase GVM, GCM

Increase the GVM and/or the GCM of a chassis

Vehicle Characteristics
Change of GVM and/or GCM
Method of Inspection
  • Rolling road test
  • AUC graph 1B
  • AUC graph 2 or 3 (only if towing unit)
list]Dynamic test laden only[/list]
  • Declaration of non-objection from OEM technical or homologation representative (NOT dealer)
Increase of the Gross Vehicle Mass or the Gross Combination Mass of a Vehicle
  • A change in GVM or GCM can only be done up to the limit of the sum of all axle masses of the vehicle.
    A full dynamic testing will be required in at least the laden condition.
    The OEM’s declaration of non-ojection must be available in writing in the latter case, stating any possible restrictions or limitations


Please keep in mind that the regulator may at any time apply their own interpretation before issuing a NaTIS certificate.