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News from the R13 Braking Workshop

First of all - a massive thank you to all 54 participants who could spare their precious time to attend this workshop!

I believe that many of you will agree with my own opinion that the time was well spent and we all could learn a lot more of the R13 Braking Regulations than what we anticipated before - some us us gained on the little tricks and for others it might have been a whole new experience.

Thank you Winfried for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us in such a professional manner!

For me the mingling with you and Winfried was certainly worth every minute. I wish that we could repeat a similar workshop again some time in the future.

My appreciation also goes to Erich Seeger, Bjorn Buyst and Constant Pretorius from the SABS, who gave us the perfect venue for the workshop, and Elton Murison from TANDM Technologies, assisting in the registration and providing us with our name tags.

For those of you, who could not attend due to some other urgent business commitments, it was sad and unfortunate not to see you at the workshop, and I hope that the slide presentastions from all four days sent to you will have given you at least a small amount of compensation.

Order requests for Winfried Gaupp's book.

Type approval legislation

Around 30 participants signed the list and I am currently awaiting the quotation for a possible bulk ordering. As soon as we have clarity on the pricing will I contact you and then you can decide on placing a firm order before I commit myself to the bulk purchase.


SAIMechE Credits

The full participants list and all other relevant documentation has been submitted to SAIMechE and we expect the certificates in the near future. Every participant who listed his course attendance for the individual days will then receive the certificate for credits to Continual Professional Development (CPD). 

Suitable arrangements will then be made to forward the certificates to you.

Proposed TR Forum meeting

It is proposed to schedule a TR Forum meeting to summarise and recap points raised during the workshop, which may also need further discussion and clarification.

The date of the meeting is proposed for Tuesday 22 October 2019, at a venue still to be decided. 

The proposed agenda could be as follows:

  • Review the TR13 Braking Workshop and agree on identified areas which need to be addressed urgently to propose lasting solutions for the benefit of all through individual working groups.
  • Confirm the Terms of Reference for the TR Forum.
  • Discuss and agree on continuous consulting services through Mr Gaupp – by individual companies or funded through TR Forum to be available to all members.
  • Lobbying for active engagement from RMI/SAVABA.
  • Create working groups and define their Terms of Reference.

These working groups could discuss in more detail the following and establish recommendations or guidelines for:

  • Annex 4 – Braking tests and Performance of Braking systems; Interchangeability of brake components from different sources.
  • Annex 10 – Brake distribution and compatibility of vehicles.
  • Annexes 13,16, 17 and19 – Complex ABS, EBS and other electronic brake systems.
  • Conversion of already homologated N2/N3 and M3 vehicles which are changed for a different use.
  • Annex 14 – Electric brakes on cat. O2 trailers in lieu of inertia brakes.

Please drop me an e-mail to indicate your availability and list any possible further  or changed agenda points  to

I have also added some pictures here on this page for you to view.