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News from the R13 Braking Workshop

First of all - a massive thank you to all 54 participants who could spare their precious time to attend this workshop!

I believe that many of you will agree with my own opinion that the time was well spent and we all could learn a lot more of the R13 Braking Regulations than what we anticipated before - some us us gained on the little tricks and for others it might have been a whole new experience.

Thank you Winfried for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us in such a professional manner!

For me the mingling with you and Winfried was certainly worth every minute. I wish that we could repeat a similar workshop again some time in the future.

My appreciation also goes to Erich Seeger, Bjorn Buyst and Constant Pretorius from the SABS, who gave us the perfect venue for the workshop, and Elton Murison from TANDM Technologies, assisting in the registration and providing us with our name tags.

For those of you, who could not attend due to some other urgent business commitments, it was sad and unfortunate not to see you at the workshop, and I hope that the slide presentastions from all four days sent to you will have given you at least a small amount of compensation.


SAIMechE Credits

The full participants list and all other relevant documentation has been submitted to SAIMechE and we expect the certificates in the near future. Every participant who listed his course attendance for the individual days will then receive the certificate for credits to Continual Professional Development (CPD).