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SANS20013:2019 has been published for comment

The technical committee, 022/SC01 responsible for the preparation of this standard has reached consensus that the attached document should become a South African standard. It has been made available by way of public enquiry to all interested and affected parties for public comment, and to the technical committee members for record purposes. The closing date for comment was 29 March 2019.

This standard, SANS 20013:2019, Revision 4 - SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL STANDARD Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles of categories M, N and O with regard to braking is widely compatible with ECE R13 :2011 Revision 7.

It would be interesting if we could share any comments which may have been put forward by members of this group. 

Please forward any comments to

You can download the document SANS20013_2019.pdf here