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Torque wrench calibration

The International Standards Organization published a new standard governing the calibration of Torque Wrenches during 2017. The change was necessitated as the old standard was inadequate in accounting for the various torque algorithms used by the different manufacturers of Torque Wrenches.
In order to standardize the method so as to eliminate the variation not accounted for in the old standard, the new standard requires the following calibration conditions:

1 A climate-controlled laboratory environment
2 A stationary, stable test bench
3 A horizontal test position.
4 A Motor-Driven Test Device.
5 Fixed Distance Control between the Torque Wrench Spindle and the Handle

These new requirements have been interpreted by HAZET and has resulted in them producing the first ten Calibration Test Benches, capable of conforming to the requirements of the new ISO 6789/2017 standard.

DAR OES Solutions (Pty) Ltd, the South African based distributor of the HAZET Product Range, is privileged to be receiving one of these first ten Calibration Test Benches. As such we have set up a Climate Controlled Calibration Laboratory and conditions to comply with the requirements of the new standard. We have also employed staff and have had them trained by the HAZET Quality Management in Wupperthal, Germany.

Our new Calibration Laboratory will be functional and commissioned to test and accredit ALL Brands of Torque Wrenches in a range between 1 Nm to 1000Nm as of 1 October 2018 to the new ISO 6789/2017 standard. The equipment is capable of calibrating Torque Wrenches to the required accuracy as determined by the criticality of the operations performed by them.

DAR OES Solutions will also be able to Service and Adjust all HAZET and VIGOR Brand Torque Wrenches to the ensure accuracy and a long service life.

Interested parties are requested to contact our Laboratory Manager, Marc La Trobe, in order to set up an account with us for the calibration service and other servicing and repair services.
Marc can be contacted via e-mail at

We will arrange for the necessary logistics to collect your Torque Wrenches and route them to our laboratory in Port Elizabeth. If required, we can also provide you with Loan Equipment to tide you over until your equipment has been returned to you.

DAR OES Solutions arrange to have an account set up with your organization or alternatively services can be paid via an EFT once the calibration or servicing has been completed. We are a Level 1 BBBEE company.

We look forward to serving our local industry with this World Class service, ensuring that your organization is in compliance with the ISO 6789/2017 standard and thereby ensuring that critical processes are properly attended to.

Torque wrench