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National Road Traffic Regulations

Road Traffic Regulation Requirements for brakes on vehicles

Vehicles operated on public roads must comply with the following regulations in terms ofr braking and braking systems

This is a brief overview of the regulations applicable for brakes and braking of all kinds of vehicles operated on a public road.

For detailled descriptions of these regulations refer to the National Road Traffic Regulations.

Regulation 149. Brakes on motor vehicles

No person shall operate on a public road a motor vehicle, other than a motor cycle, motor tricycle, motor quadrucycle or trailer which is not equipped with a service brake, a parking brake and an emergency brake.

Regulation 149A. Anti-theft device fitted to brakes prohibited

No person shall operate on a public road a motor vehicle, to which is fitted an anti-theft device which is connected to or in anyway interferes with the braking system of such vehicle.

Regulation 150. Brakes on motor cycle or motor tricycle

No person shall operate on a public road a motor cycle or motor tricycle which is not equipped with two independent braking systems

Regulation 151. Brakes on trailers

No person shall operate on a public road a trailer, if it does not meet the requirements of this regulations for the different weight categories of the trailer and the tare masses of the towing vehicles.

The regulations qualifies when no brakes or overrun brakes are permissible and when service brakes are required for the trailer. 

Regulation 152. Brakes on pedal cycles

No person shall operate on a public road any pedal cycle unless it is equip-ped with at least one brake which shall operate on the rear wheel or wheels.

Regulation 153. Brakes on unspecified vehicles

No person shall operate on a public road any vehicle for which no specific braking system is prescribed in regulations 149 to 156, unless it is equipped with a parking brake or other device for keeping such vehicle stationary.

Regulation 154. Specifications for brakes

No person shall operate on a public road, certain vehicles, unless the brakes fitted to such vehicle comply with the standard specification SABS 1207 “Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Specification for Braking” or subsequent standards.

Regulation 155. Braking performance of service, emergency and parking brakes

 Tables of braking performances to be achieved for the different brake systems and types of vehicles

Regulation 156. Condition and operation of brakes

A brake required in terms of these regulations, shall be in good working order and condition whenever it is operated on a public road.

Regulation 216 Motor vehicles operated on public road to comply with compulsory vehicle specifications

Any  motor car, minibus, bus or goods vehicle fitted with at least four wheels, or a trailer, operated on a public road, shall comply with the relevant requirements as specified in the Government Notices issued in terms of section 22 of the Standards Act, 1993 (Act No. 29 of 1993) and listed in Annex A to code of practice SABS 047: “The testing of motor vehicles for roadworthiness”.