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Workshop programme Day 2

R13 workshop

Day 2 will be filled with discussing various Annexes of the R13 Specification, covering

  • Annex 4 - Braking tests and performance of braking systems,
  • Annex 6 - Response time measurement,
  • Annex 7 - Energy sources and storage devices,
  • Annex 8 - Spring brake systems, and
  • Annex 10 - Brake distribution and compatibility

Like on day 1, the below list can only give an overview of the various discussion themes and may vary during the day, depending on the input from the participants.

  • Annex 4 (Braking tests and performance of braking systems)
    • Mean fully developed deceleration
    • Type-0
    • Type-I
    • Type-II & IIA
    • Type III
    • Minimum service braking performance on motor vehicles
    • Minimum service braking performance on trailers
  • Annex 6 (Response time measurement)
  • Annex 7 (Energy sources and energy storage devices (energy accumulators)
  • Annex 8 (Spring braking systems)
  • Annex 10 (Braking Distribution & Compatibility between towing vehicles and trailers)
    • Compatibility of towed and towing vehicles
    • Adhesion utilisation requirements
    • Load sensing versus ABS

 Please keep in mind that an exact following of this programme is by no means guaranteed and may vary as the workshop progresses.

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