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Workshop programme Day 3

R13 vorkshop

Day 3 promises to be a very interesting day with starting the discussions around Annex 13 and Annex 19, looking in detail at Anti-lock and ABS brake systems.

This will be followed by Annex 16 and Annex 17, going deep into the complexities of EBS.

Annex 18 and Annex 21, the complex electronic system and ESC will also form part of the discussion.

The afternoon will be reserved for some case studies on conversions to already homologated vehicles.

  • Annex 13 & Annex 19 (ABS)
    • Types of anti-lock systems
    • What axles and suspensions are covered by the ABS Approval Test Report?
    • Energy consumption
    • Utilisation of adhesion - ε-value
    • Additional tests
  • Annexes 16 & 17 (Data communications of EBS vehicles)
    • EBS versus ABS
  • Annex 18 (Complex electronic vehicle control systems)
  • Annex 21 (Electronic Stability Control Systems)
  • Converting or adapting already homologated vehicles (selected cases)

 Please keep in mind that an exact following of this programme is by no means guaranteed and may vary as the workshop progresses.

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