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Workshop programme Day 4

Day 4 will go deep into the regulations govening trailers of the O2, O3 and O4 type.

We will elaborate on the problematic concerning Electric brakes, as described in Annex 14, and also look at some important criteria of the Inertia brakes in Annex 12.

For the rest of the day will we discuss Annexes 11, 19 and 20.

  • Annex 14 (Trailers with electrical braking systems)
    • Why US/Australia electrical braking systems cannot comply with Annex 14
    • Current Annex 14 requirement
    • Proposals for amending Annex 14
  • Annex 11 (Cases in which Type-I and/or type-II (or Type-IIA) or Type-III tests do not have to be carried out)
  • Annex 12 (Inertia (overrun) braking systems)
    • Test report on inertia-braking system control device
    • Test report on the brake
    • Test report on the compatibility of the inertia brake control device, the transmission and the brakes on the trailer
  • Annex 19 (Performance testing of braking system components)
    • Mixing of components from different suppliers
    • Brake chamber testingAnti-lock braking system
    • Electronic stability control
  • Annex 20 (Alternative procedure for the Type Approval of trailers)

 Please keep in mind that an exact following of this programme is by no means guaranteed and may vary as the workshop progresses.